Why us

There is this very special sport activity. You have to focus on a tiny ball and hit it far and precise.

Think about your stance, head, arms, grip, knees, backswing, follow through the ball and finish! So many details to concentrate your attention, nothing can distract you!

Your mind will be focused during several hours on perfect strikes, precise puts, walking 10km and fighting bunkers, water hazards, narrow fairways and tricky greens.
While you are doing this you will be standing on your feet. Your shoes have to be so perfect you even forget you are wearing them.
Stability, grip, performance and comfort with great design. That´s us. And that’s why you will be wearing us forever after you have tried us once.
You will probably even want to wear our shoes on and off the golf course. Our shoes are designed and developed with great care and love in Portugal.
We only trust Portuguese labor and craftmanship to produce our unique shoes with the best sustainable European leathers and materials such as cork, cotton or microfiber.
Thank you for trusting Kankura Golf, we wish you great fun and a lot of great scores with your shoes.

Kankura Golf Team.

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