Terms and conditions

1.Subject-Matter, Scope and Definitions

1.1. These general conditions regulate the sale, including the registration, order and access to the “Kankura Golf” products provided by  Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda, enrolled with the Corporate Taxpayer Registry under (NIPC) nº 502 697 741, registered with the 3rd Department of the Commercial Registry Office of Porto under the same number, headquartered at Rua Abade Correia da Serra, nº 12, parish of São Mamede de Infesta e Senhora da Hora, district of Matosinhos, Internet website, and apply to all the purchase and sale agreements involving “Kankura Golf” products entered into between Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda and any user submitting orders on the aforementioned Internet website.

1.2. The following meanings will apply to these general conditions:

  1. “Kankura Golf” – The products marketed by Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda, holder of all the associated copyrights and related rights, in addition to any other rights subject to the protection set forth in the Industrial Property Code over the Internetsite with the above address and the supplier of the goods available to order on the same website;
  2. “User” All non-merchant individuals submitting an order on the Internet site;
  3. These general conditions do not exclude the rights and guarantees of the User set forth in the legislation in force in relation to agreements of this nature.


2. Acceptance

2.1. The execution of purchase and sale agreements involving Kankura Golf products entails the awareness and acceptance of the General Conditions by the User.

2.2. By accepting the General Conditions, the User confirms to have read the General Conditions, to have the legal capacity to accept them and to enter into the purchase and sale agreement for Kankura Golf products.


3. Registration

3.1. Users will be required to register prior to concluding an order, by completing the fields on the form available on the website.

3.2. After registering as a customer, Users will be able to access their personal online account by logging in and entering a personal and non-transferable password created by the User at the time of registering.

3.3. Once a User has accessed his / her personal online account, he / she is subject to both these general conditions and the legal and regulatory standards ruling on the respective operations and use.


4. Kankura Golf Products

4.1. The website is geared to users of Kankura Golf products who wish to acquire Kankura Golf products from their home or workplace on a 24/7 basis.

4.2. The information on the basic features of Kankura products can be found at

4.3. Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda reserves the right to change, at any time, the information, Kankura Golf products on offer, prices, promotions and business conditions specified on the website


5. Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

5.1.Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda does not guarantee the permanent availability of the service and, specifically, will not be held liable for any loss or damages arising directly or indirectly from the use or impossibility of use, for any reason, of the aforementioned Internet site, specifically in the case of unavailable access, technical issues or faults in the telematic data transfer networks, outside intrusion or the existence of computer viruses, and will not undertake any liability for technical issues in relation to computer equipment used  to connect to the Internet through the aforementioned website.

5.2. Furthermore, Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda will not be held liable for any loss or damages arising directly or indirectly from situations of force majeure, interpreted as any event against the will or beyond the control of Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, that totally or partially, definitively or temporarily, prevents Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda from meeting its obligations, namely strikes, power cuts, faults in telecommunications services or any other services, fires, floods, the impossibility of obtaining products, materials or services, breakdowns, delays by suppliers or carriers and changes to the legislation or administrative regulations.

5.3. Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda will not be held liable for any abusive use of the User´s website access data by third parties, due to the fact this data is personal and non-transferable.

5.4. On agreeing with these Terms and Conditions, you are regarded as being of an adult age in your state or country of residence and as having provided your consent for any of your dependents to access this website.


6. Amendment of the General Conditions

Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda reserves the right to amend these General Conditions at any time, after notification, which will be regarded effective once the amended General Conditions have been published on the website


7. Duration

7.1. These general conditions will apply for as long as the supply of goods through the website lasts.

7.2. The provision of the previous item does not prejudice the possibility of a future review or amendment of these conditions.

7.3. The declaration of nullity of one or more general conditions does not exclude the implementation of the other conditions or render the business entered into invalid.



8. Evidence and Filing

8.1. The computer records, stored in the Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda computer systems are regarded as evidence of the execution of the agreement between the parties, in addition to the conditions under which the agreement was entered into.

8.2. The file with the documents providing evidence of the orders and respective invoices will be stored on a reliable and long-lasting medium.


9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

9.1. These General Conditions are subject to Portuguese law.

9.2. The Court of the District of Matosinhos is hereby elected to settle any issues or litigation arising from these General Conditions or the agreements to which these conditions apply or are part of, specifically relative to the validity, efficacy, interpretation, integration, application or compliance in relation to the same, with the express waiver of any other.

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